Telnet Problems

'Telnet' is the program Windows and Macintosh machines should use automatically to load up the game. As one would expect, there can be some stupid problems with this program - however, these should all be solvable.

"I can't see what I'm typing!"

Windows 95-ME users - you should be accessing the game via a boxy white 'telnet' window, with a menu at the top. To turn on the option to see what you are typing, go to 'Edit', then 'Preferences', and then check 'local echo' or similar.

Windows 2000 users - you should be accessing the game via a boxy black command prompt window, without a menu at the top. To set your telnet straight, you have to do something slightly more complex:

i): Close the window.

ii): Find a shortcut in your machine to 'command prompt'. I'd look in: Start menu, Programs, Accessories for this. If it isn't there, use the 'search' button on the Start menu to look for a file called 'command prompt'. It will appear on the 'search' list as a small black icon with a little arrow in the left-hand corner. Double click.

iii): Now, enter 'telnet'. Then enter 'set LOCAL_ECHO'. Do this with the right letters capitalised. From now on, your telnet application should work fine. You can shut that window, go back to the DarkBlade site, and click on the little 'DarkBlade' button in the navibar.

Mac users - you should be able to do what the win 95 users did. Exact names of menus/checkboxes may change...but it should be clear what you have to check, if the option is there.