These are: DarkBlade's Out Of Character Player RULES - Not In Character, but Out Of Character, so SERIOUS. These are the rules which can get you OOC-banned, ignored, exiled, frozen, deleted, password-changed, site-banned. You should read these. These are not open to negotiation upon breaking, but suggestions will be considered.


Swearing in any form when any other player(s) can hear you is not permitted unless ALL players who can hear you AGREE to let you swear at THAT PARTICULAR TIME. The same applies to sexual innuendo.


If someone, having previously given permission for you to swear/talk 'dirty'/etc., revokes this, you NO LONGER HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO SO. Equally, unless you are a Staff member, if someone asks you to stop talking to them, you MUST DO SO. If there's something you need to say to them, page a staff member and tell them about it.


Whether or not permission has been granted by other players, racism/sexism/homophobia/any other form of bigotry is NEVER PERMITTED ON DARKBLADE. This is because many players find these things offensive (as well as the Staff), and this will never be open to debate. Discussing these things is fine, but to in any way endorse them (e.g. with insults or expression of racist views etc.) is unforgivable. Saying phrases like 'That's so gay' is not approved of and may bring punishments from some staff members.


If a staff member tells you not to do something, or to do something, you MUST OBEY THEM. To see if they're a staff member, use 'mentors' and 'wizards'. Those bring up the two lists of staff members. If they're on those lists, then they're staff members. Although you must follow their instructions, you may discuss it with them (AFTER you've done what they ask), in a polite manner. Moreover, if you're still disatisfied, you may use 'p #mail jekteir=I have a problem with this staff member, they told me to do this...etc.' (without the ' signs) to leave a message with the head of the game.


Oh, dear. Managed to leave this to rule 5! If JEKTEIR tells you to do something, you must do it. Although you may discuss it with him, if he decides you don't have a case, that's pretty much the end of it in terms of appeal (though you're welcome to argue, of course, unless he tells you not to).


This is a reference back to rule 2. Continuing to talk to someone with any command (including pages, tells, p #mails, phone calls, says, poses etc.) when they've told you not to is called HARASSMENT and will not be tolerated.


'Spamming' (repeatedly sending pointless messages to) any of the notes boards or public channels is not allowed. Sending messages in all caps or excessive numbers of letters (e.g. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!") may also be considered spamming. You'll typically be warned if you're spamming. Spamming on a private channel (e.g. tells) is known as harassment if you're told to stop and you don't (part of Rule 2, Rule 6).


You are allowed to have as many characters on the game (both MUCK and MUD sides), as you want, but you are NOT allowed to connect more than one character on one side of the game at the same time. e.g. you could be connected to character on the MUCK and on the MUD sides at the same time, but you would NOT be allowed to connect 2 characters to the MUD or to the MUCK at the same time.


You are not allowed to share characters with other players or take the characters of other players. At all. Even with friends.


You are not allowed to exploit game program bugs (e.g. one which gives you money repeatedly, etc. If you report a major bug to Jekteir, you are likely to get rewarded.


You are not allowed to use such tricks as 'equipment dumping' (or, obviously, something like the 'give' command itself) to exchange equipment between alts (alternate characters where you play both of them).


You are NOT allowed to exchange information between alts, e.g. say that one of your alts told the other about something they discovered - or someone they would like to have killed. Any exchange of information through alternate means (e.g. other characters) must make sense within the role of the characters and the roleplaying environment.


Repeated killings or attacks with no IC (In Character) reason for them may be punished if they are seen as OOC harassment.


Using client-based techniques such as macros for levelling is not permitted. If you are levelling and yet do not respond, after a certain period we will assume you are using macros. You may also not use macros for improving skills, etc.


Well, you know what? I won't tell you what the punishments are. There's a set guideline for Staff members to follow as regards punishments, but you must consider one rule-breaking to be as serious as another, since you should break neither, and it is possible for you to be punished by whatever system we may have. When settled among the Staff, there is no such thing as an 'unfair' punishment. Also, please remember that we log IP addresses and we log every command you use, and we are willing to resort to contacting ISPs if need be to stop harassment from a problem player.