The Client 5.0, by Jekteir [currently in Gamma testing for anyone]

The DarkBlade Client is a very cool new client programmed by the game's creator, for use with DarkBlade and any other text-based games! It has these attributes:

Basic game functions Advanced Options Advanced game functions Media and color functions Out-Of-This-World Special Abilities (There are a lot of these) All-Time Best Feature:

Get the .zip file of The DarkBlade Client here! [If you do not have winzip, go here to download a free copy.]

To install the Client, simply create a directory somewhere on your machine. Download or copy the .zip file to there. Run WinZip and extract the files to that directory. Then run the 'DarkBlade Client.exe' file. Installation will begin.

If you are having problems installing or running the Client, it may well be because you lack the Visual Basic Runtime Files. These are useful for running many different applications error-free, and you can get an auto-extracting and auto-installing program here which will install these for you. After you install these, uninstall the client and then install it again, by running Uninstall.exe and then DarkBlade Client.exe.

Please Note:

  • The DarkBlade Client will only run on Windows or Windows emulators.

  • Using 'Uninstall.exe' will not remove any Client files! It will merely reset all Client data in preparation for a new installation. If you want to remove the Client from your system, just run Uninstall.exe and then delete the files.

Pueblo, by

[ATTENTION! The Pueblo downloadable here is now Pueblo/UE 2.60b, updated since Pueblo 2.01! To get the old Pueblo 2.01, click here!]

Pueblo is a MUD/MUCK client for windows users, of size about 2.3 mb. It is highly sophisticated, permitting use of macros, a 'favourite worlds' list, auto-login, excellent help files, multiple windows, access to the Chaco (now Pueblo UE) categorized MU* worlds list, and most importantly, Pueblo-enhanced mode, which allows users to view the Pueblo enhanced paradise on DarkBlade. If you don't have windows, don't worry about now having Pueblo. The Pueblo area is only one place on DarkBlade, which leaves the main MUD area CHAOS, and MUCK countries Reciprocity, Recreations, FreeForm and OOC for you to explore.

Get Pueblo/UE 2.60b - click here!