DarkBlade is a new hybrid of the text-based game types MUD and MUCK. One half of DarkBlade is a MUD, and the other a group of MUCK Countries attached by a portal, with varying themes and levels of player control.

The MUD half is known as CHAOS, a modern-day gang war city filled with corrupt groups of citizens whose rivalry extends to money, power, sex, and the size of their personal bases. The MUD sports mobile phones, elevators, subways, swipe keys, sub-machine guns, and 100-floor apartment buildings for city-dwellers who have the cash, as well as airports, terrorists, secret passages, and a lot more.

The MUCK half has no single name. Countries are Recreations - Where books, movies and TV shows are recreated; Reciprocity - the exciting new spygame; The Pueblo-Enhanced Paradise - With both sounds and pictures for those users who have the MUD client Pueblo (see: CLIENTS); FreeForm - Where players can build anything and can edit what others build too.

You can access the game by clicking on the CONNECT button, to the left, or, if you wish to add it to a MUD client's favourites list, the address is darkblade.icecoolcode.com, port 7575. If you're having problems with telnet, see INFORMATION.

What are MUDs and MUCKs? What's DarkBlade?