Connection Problems

If the telnet window appears but the game isn't appearing inside it (no DarkBlade sign), it could be one of these problems:

1: Your university/school network which you're using doesn't permit telnet.
2: The game has a lot of players on and is slow, so be patient.
3: If it says there are too many players on, it means what it says. Try again later.

Now, if you _do_ get the DarkBlade screen, and don't have a character, use 'connect new char' (without ' signs). This lets you connect and design a new character for the game.

If the screen loads, and you have a character, but can't access it, please note that the password system is CASE SENSITIVE, and so if your password begins with a capital letter for example, you will need to ensure that you type one in.

If you still can't connect to your char, either create a new character and then ask people on the game about it (using 'connect new char') or email the game's admin - see the welcome screen for the address to email - and explain the situation, and what you thought your password was. Please note that if you left your character idle for more than 3 months it will have been destroyed.